Rumors have run rampant across the internets this week that AMC’s The Walking Dead may be secretly casting “Negan” from the popular comic book series, to make a debut in the final part of season six of the smash television hit drama.  For those of you not familiar with “Negan”, he is the leader of a group of survivors known as the “saviors”, whom is “Brutal, foul-mouthed and possesses a twisted sense of humor”.  He also *spoiler alert* kills Glenn in the comic books, with a baseball bat named “Lucille”,3D Mauergraffiti 59878 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DE that is covered in barbed wire, and drenched in zombie blood.  I love Glenn as much as the next dude, but that’s pretty badass.

While this rumor may be untrue, it has got us thinking about the casting, and whom we would love to see play the brutal force.  In today’s article, we will discuss whom we would love to see helm the role, and you can chime in with your thoughts in our comments with your ideal actor. 3D Meadow 469 Wallpaper Murals Wall Print Wallpaper Mural AJ WALL AU Summer


While maybe a stretch for most, it has been revealed that Henry Rollins, former frontman for the hardcore punk band “Black Flag”, 3D Meadow House Trees 02 Open Windows WallPaper Murals Wall Print AJ Carlyand universally accepted badass, was the original inspiration for the character.  Rollins is now in his fifties, rocking gray hair, and entertaining us all on his History Channel series 10 Things You Don’t Know About (wait, Abraham Lincoln was possibly gay?), Rollins still looks jacked and ready to rage, and I wouldn’t fucking cross him.  He would be a natural fit.  Plus fuck, there’s this:

Jon Hamm


Jon Hamm obviously has the AMC connection, after finishing his run on the hit show MadMen, the physicality to play the character, and the acting chops to make it believable, more tellingly his recent comments fan the flames of this choice.  When asked last March about his interest in possibly playing this character, Hamm coyly responded to creator Robert Kirkman:3D Meadow Sky 9788 Open Windows WallPaper Murals Wall Print Decal Deco AJ WALL

“Robert, call me. Come on, I don’t know. We’ll see. It would be fun, that’s for sure.”

While perhaps a reach, this would be my personal favorite, and would love to see it happen.  Hamm also has a habit of jumping at any project that greatly interests him, and how fun would it be to explore a character of that depth, on possibly the largest hit show currently running on cable television?  Get your martini shaker ready, Rick.

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I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t watch The Strain on FX, after reading the poor reviews on the AV Club, but I do recall his work on season four of Lost, and he is obviously an imposing mountain of fury, capable of leading men.  Plus he’s already added to his resume his turn as psychotic neo-nazi “Jeeves Tremor” in Smokin’ Aces, so there’s that.  I could live with this choice.3D Mechanical Gears 045 Wall Paper Exclusive MXY Wallpaper Mural Decal Indoor AJ

Mickey Rourke


Rourke is even older than Rollins by nearly a solid decade, and pushing 64, but when I personally think of “Negan”, my thoughts naturally wander to Rourke’s portrayal of “Marv” in Robert Rodriguez’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s Sin City, which was as epic of a comeback for an actor as John Travolta’s role in Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction.  So there’s the obvious connection of him comfortably becoming a character from a graphic novel, and he followed up this role with the Academy Award nominated best actor performance in The Wrestler.

Since then, he’s made appearances in the action movie series The Expendables, but mostly has been under the radar, so this could be his second huge comeback, 3D Meer Blitz 886 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DE Kyraand if he was itching for a challenge, I would be okay with this casting choice.


He’s not that imposing, only stands about 5’7″, but he’s by far the most psychotic person I know.  It’s not unusual for him to flip a table in rage after losing a game of Madden, or taking his video games in for a trade, and thinking they were undervalued.  The only person I know who is banned from GameStop, over his unprovoked rage.  Probably a wildcard for the role, but I figured I’d mention him.

Tom Hardy62455

3D Meer Heißluft -Ballon 6 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DEHow could Tom Hardy not be mentioned, after his iconic role as “Bane”, the dude who actually broke Batman’s back.  He was menacing in Bronson, and since has bulked up even more, moving from The Dark Knight Rises,  to Mad Max: Fury Road.  While certainly also a stretch, but no more than my crazy cousin, I could see him playing this role.

So who would play “Negan” in your ideal world?  Tell us in the comments!


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Editors note :  In this new feature, we will take a look at some of the hidden gems in the zombie movie universe, that we love dearly.  Enjoy!



I first saw this movie when I was pretty young and impressionable.  I was rocking a high temperature and a horrible fever, and was up late one night laying on my couch channel surfing, when I came across Cemetery Man, and decided to watch it.  Over the next 105 minutes, I was in complete awe.  I was blown away by the story, the imagery, and also… there were boobs! (hey remember, I was young). 

I talked to my friends at school about this movie, but none of them had ever seen or even heard of it.  It was a few years later when I came across it again at my local video store, and I watched it at least five times before returning it. 3D Meer Natur 576 Stair Risers Dekoration Fototapete Vinyl Aufkleber Tapete DE I watched it with a few of my friends, and it was always a mixed reaction, and generally most of my friends didn’t like it, but then again, I always liked the weird shit that nobody else did.

The Story


Cemetery Man is a 1994 Italian film that tells the story of Francesco Dellamorte (Rupert Everett), a caretaker at the Buffalora cemetery.  He comes to find that some of the dead rise on the seventh night following their death, and he decides it’s “easier just to shoot them”, rather then file a mountain of paperwork required for a formal investigation.  Francesco lives in a small shack on the grounds of the cemetery, with his mentally challenged assistant Gnaghi (Francios Hadji-Lazaro) who’s only response is “Gnagh!”, and Francesco fills his time reading old telephone books in which he crosses out the names of the deceased, working on putting together a human skull as if it were a puzzle, and shooting the “returners”.


Francesco falls in love with a beautiful widow, known only as “her”, whom ultimately meets her end while having sex with him and is bitten by her returning elderly dead husband.  After she returns, Francesco shoots her, but she again rises a third time, meaning that the first time he had shot her, she wasn’t really dead.  Gnaghi himself finds love, in the form of the head of the deceased Mayor’s daughter, whom he takes back to the basement in which he lives, and starts an innocent relationship3D Meer Strand Baum 85 Tapete Wandgemälde Tapete Tapeten Bild Familie DE Summer.  When he first met her, he threw up on her from his own excitement, and it makes you wonder if that was the catalyst of Stan and Wendy on Southpark.


After a while Francesco is visited by death, who tells him to stop killing the dead, and to focus on killing the living.  He is also visited by “her” again, first as the mayor’s assistant, and later as a prostitute, and each occasion ends in failure.  Francesco begins to lose his grip on reality, and begins murdering the townspeople.


Francesco and Gnaghi eventually decide to flee Buffalora as he grows tired of killing, leading to one of the most interesting endings I have ever seen.  They drive through a tunnel, further than either of them have ever been, only to find at the end of the tunnel that the road goes nowhere, and Francesco slams on the brakes.  Gnaghi hits his head on the dashboard, apparently giving him a head injury, and he collapses.3D Meer, freude der tiere 294 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie  Realizing the rest of the world doesn’t exist, Francesco loads his gun with two bullets, presumably one for him and one for Gnaghi.  Gnaghi comes to, takes Francesco’s gun, and throws it over the cliff, and simply says “Could you take me home, please?”, to which Francesco replies “Gnagh”.



The movie was based on a popular Italian comic book Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, and was directed by Michele Soavi, who was an assistant for Dario Argento in the 1980’s.  You can see the influence of Argento in the movie, as it is highly stylized and artistic.  It is speculated that an American film studio offered to fund and distribute the movie if Matt Dillon was cast as Francesco, but fortunately Soavi declined.

3D Meer, Stein, Nebel Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete Bild Tapete Familie KinderThe movie was shot on a $4 million budget, and was widely considered a flop after release in Italy.  It did however receive several awards, such as the Silver Scream Award at the 1995 Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival, Best Production Design at the 1994 David di Donatello Awards, and Best Actor [Everett] at the 1996 Fantasporto.  I have no idea what these awards are, but Quentin Tarantino was super happy to win one of them.


Two years after it was released, the movie was picked up by October Films for US distribution, and the title was changed from Dellamorte Dellamore to Cemetery Man and given the tagline “Zombies, guns, and sex, OH MY!!!”.  By an apparent misstep by October Films, the movie was marketed to the US as a comedy, and received mixed reviews.  It did enjoy a run on HBO, and from there picked up a quiet cult following, myself included.

The Future

In a January 2011 edition of Fangoria, Soavi hinted to a sequel, but since hasn’t happened, and seems to be in development hell. 3D Meeresgrund Fisch 587 Fototapeten Wandbild Fototapete BildTapete Familie DE  Personally, I’m pulling for it, as Cemetery Man was Soavi’s last film, as he took a break to care for one of his children whom was terminally ill.


What once was very hard to find, other than late night bootleg VHS copies, Cemetery Man is available on DVD on Amazon, for about $15 used and $40 new, and now also available on Blu-ray.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s definitely worth a few views.  Watch the NSFW trailer below.

It is also illegally available in full on YouTube now: